Our Faculty

Alpert, Erika
PhD in Anthropology, University of Michigan, 2014
Areas of Expertise: Language and Society; Marriage and courtship practices; Japanese culture and Society. Matchmaking
Recent publications: Alpert, E. (2014) ‘Stoicism or Shyness?: Japanese Professional Matchmakers and New Masculine Conversational Ideals’. Journal of Language and Sexuality 3(2): 191–218

An, Sofiya
PhD in Sociology, University of Toronto, 2014
Areas of Expertise: Child Welfare, social policy and welfare institutions in post-Soviet Eurasia.
Recent publications: An, S (2014) ‘The Law on Special Social Services: A case study of policy translation in post-Soviet Kazakhstan’. Transnational Social Review – A Social Work Journal, 4 (2-3), 120-136; An, S. (2014). ‘Social work between “Westernization” and “nationalization”: The transnational perspective on social work in post-socialist/post-Soviet states’ in C. Bahr, H. G., Homfeld, C. Schröder, W. Schroer, C. Schweppe (eds.), The World Atlas of Social Work Weinheim/München: BELTZ Juventa; Simons, K., Bern-Klug, M. & An, S. (2012). Envisioning quality psychosocial care in nursing homes: the role of social work. Journal of the American Medical Directors Association, 13(9): 800-805.

Beben, Daniel
PhD in History and Central Eurasian Studies, Indiana University, 2015
Areas of Expertise: History of Islamic Central Asia, Iran, Afghanistan, Shi’i Islam, Sufism
Recent Publications: ‘Re-imagining Taqiyya: Strategies of Secrecy among the Ismāʿīlīs of Central Asia’ in: Religious Secrecy as Contact: Secrets as Promoters of Religious Dynamics, ed. Anna Akasoy, et al. (Leiden: Brill, forthcoming); ‘Islamization on the Iranian Periphery: Nāṣir-i Khusraw and Ismāʿīlism in Badakhshan’ in: Islamization: Comparative Perspectives from History, ed. Andrew Peacock (Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press, forthcoming)

Bissenova, Alima (Programme Director)
PhD in Sociocultural Anthropology, Cornell University, 2012
Areas of Expertise: Economic Anthropology; Development; Urban Anthropology; Anthropology of Islam.
Recent publications: Bissenova, Alima (2017) “The Fortress and the Frontier: Mobility, Culture, and Class in Almaty and Astana,” Europe-Asia Studies, Vol. 69 No. 4, 642-667; Бисенова А., Медеуова К. (2016)      “Давление метрополий и тихий национализ академических практик,” Ab Imperio, No. 4, 207-255; Bissenova, Alima (2016) “Building a Muslim Nation: The Role of the Central Mosque of Astana,” in Kazakhstan in the Making: Legitimacy, Symbols, and Social Changes, ed. Marlene Laruelle, Lexington Books

Burkhanov, Aziz
PhD in Central Eurasian Studies, Indiana University, 2013
Areas of Expertise: Language politics, nationalism and the media in Kazakhstan
Recent publications: Burkhanov, Aziz & Sharipova Dina (2014) ‘Kazakhstan’s Civic-National Identity. Ambiguous Policies and Points of Resistance’ in Nationalism and Identity Construction in Central Asia: Dimensions, Dynamics, and directions ed. Maria Omelicheva, Lanham, MD: Lexington Books: 21-36.

Coil, Reed
PhD in Anthropology, University of Minnesota, 2016
Areas of Expertise: Paleolithic archaeology; taphonomy; zooarchaeology; carnivore-hominin interactions.
Recent Publications: Coil, Reed, Tappen, Martha, and Yezzi-Woodley, Katrina. (forthcoming) “New analytical methods for comparing bone fracture angles: A controlled study of hammerstone and hyena (Crocuta crocuta) long bone breakage” Archaeometry

Dupuy, Paula
PhD in Anthropology, Washington University in St Louis, 2014
Areas of Expertise: Archaeology of technology and craft production, Ancient textiles and pottery, Spread of Agriculture, Anthropology of pastoralism, Archaeology of mountain-steppe environments, Prehistoric Central Asia/Eurasia.
Recent Publications: Jia, P. W., Betts, A., Cong, D., Jia, X., Doumani Dupuy, P. (in press) ‘Adunqiaolu: new evidence for the Andronovo in Xinjiang, China’ Antiquity; Doumani Dupuy, Paula (2016) ‘Bronze Age Central Asia’ Oxford Handbooks Online; Doumani, P. N., Frachetti, M. D., Beardmore, R., Schmaus, T., Spengler, R. N., Mar’yashev, A. (2015) ‘Burial Ritual, Agriculture, and Craft Production among Bronze Age Pastoralists at Tasbas (Kazakhstan)’ Archaeological Research in Asia 1-2:17-32.

Forêt, Philippe
PhD in Geography, University of Chicago, 1992
Areas of Expertise: Environmental History of Central Asia. History of the Qing Empire
Recent publications: (2015) Christoph Kueffer, Philippe Forêt, and Marcus Hall. Developing the Environmental Humanities in Switzerland. An Evaluation of Opportunities. Bern: Swiss Academy of Humanities and Social Sciences;Philippe Forêt(2013) The Journey of Maps and Image of the Silk Road. Beijing: Guoxue shudian, First edition with Brill, 2000; (2011) James Milward, Ruth Dunnell, Mark Elliott, and Philippe Forêt New Qing Imperial History. Beijing: Guoxue shudian, 2011. First edition with Routledge, 2004; (2009) Philippe Forêt. Mapping Chengde. Beijing: Guoxue shudian, First edition with University of Hawaii Press, 2000.

Filchenko, Andrei
PhD in Linguistics, Rice University, 2006
Areas of Expertise: Comparative Linguistics; Siberian languages and culture, Khanty Grammar
Recent publications: Filchenko, A. (2013) Annotated Folk Texts of the Ob-Yenisei Area. Tomsk: “Vajar”


McGuire, Gabriel
PhD in Folklore and Ethnomusicology, Indiana University, 2013
Areas of Expertise: Central Asian Literature and Culture; Village Ethnography.
Recent publications: McGuire, Gabriel (2016). “By Coin or By Kine: Barter and Pastoral Production in Kazakhstan.” Ethnos 81(1): 53-74

Penati, Beatrice
PhD in History & Civilisations, Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales/Scuola Normale Superiore, Pisa, 2008
Areas of Expertise: History of Tsarist and Soviet Central Asia; Rural and Economic History.
Recent publications: Penati, B. (2015) ‘On the Local Origins of the Soviet attack on religious waqf in the Uzbek SSR (1927)’ Acta Slavica Iaponica, 26: 39-72; Penati, B., (2014). Life on the Edge: Border-Making and Agrarian Policies in the Aim district (eastern Fergana), 1924-1929. Ab Imperio, No.2: 193-230

Scarborough, Daniel
PhD in History, Georgetown University, 2012
Areas of Expertise: History of the Russian Orthodox Church and its clergy.
Recent publications: Scarborough, D. (2015) ‘Faith without Works is Dead: Sacred Space and Civil Society in Late Imperial Moscow and Tver’ Jahrbücher für Geschichte Osteuropas 63(2): 207-232; Scarborough, D. (2014) ‘The Pastoral Dilemma: Clerical Mutual-Aid and Famine Relief during Russia’s Crop Failure of 1905’ Russian History 41 (2014): 68-83

Schamiloglu, Uli (Visiting Professor, University of Wisconsin-Madison)
Ph.D. in History, Columbia University, 1986
Areas of Expertise: Turkology; Medieval History; History of the Golden Horde; intellectual movements among the Muslims of the Russian Empire; Environmental and Linguistic History of Central Eurasia.
Recent Publications: Schamiloglu, Uli (2015) ‘The Origins of Kazakh Statehood: From the Golden Horde to the Kazakh Khanate’, Qazaq xandyghynyng quryluynyng 550 zhyldyghyna oray uyymdastyrylghan “Qazaq xandyghy: tarix, teoriya zhäne bügingi kün” atty xalyqaralyq ghylymi-teoriyalyq konferentsiya Materialdary. 5-6 mausym 2015 zhyl, Almaty qalasy, Almaty: Qazaq universiteti: 15-18; Schamiloglu, Uli (2016) ‘The Plague in the Time of Justinian and Central Eurasian History: An Agenda for Research’, Central Eurasia in the Middle Ages. Studies in Honour of Peter B. Golden, ed. Osman Karatay and István Zimonyi, Turcologica 104, Wiesbaden: Harrassowitz Verlag: 293-311. Schamiloglu, Uli (2016)  ‘Climate Change in Central Eurasia and the Golden Horde’, Golden Horde Review (Zolotoordïnskoe obozrenie) 1, 6-25.

Schenk, Caress
PhD in Political Science, Miami University in Oxford, Ohio, 2010
Areas of Expertise: National Identity and Multiethnic States; Political Economy of Migration; Political Corruption. Post-Soviet region.
Recent publications: Schenk, C. (2013) ‘Controlling Immigration Manually: Lessons from Moscow (Russia)’ Europe-Asia Studies, 65 (7): 1444-1465; Schenk, C (2012) ‘Nationalism in the Russian media: content analysis of newspaper coverage surrounding conflict in Stavropol, 24 May-7 June 2007’ Nationalities Papers, 40 (5): 783-805

Sullivan, Charles
PhD in Political Science, George Washington University, 2014
Areas of Expertise: Russian politics; Russian political culture.
Recent publications: Sullivan, C. J., (2015). ‘Civil Society in Chains: The Dynamics of Sociopolitical Relations in Turkmenistan’ in Civil Society and Politics in Central Asia, ed. Charles E. Ziegler Lexington, KY: University Press of Kentucky: 249-275; Sullivan, C. J. (2013) ‘Breaking Down the Man of Steel: Stalin in Russia Today’ Canadian Slavonic Papers/Revue canadienne des slavistes 55 (3-4): 449-480.

Thibault, Hélène
Ph.D. in Political Science and Government, University of Ottawa, 2014
Areas of Expertise: Politics of Religion in Central Asia; Political Violence in Central Asia
Recent Publications: Thibault, Hélène (2015) ‘The Soviet Secularization Project in Central Asia: Accommodation and Institutional Legacies’ Eurostudia 10 (1): 11-31

Thorstensson, Victoria
PhD in Slavic Languages and Literature, University of Wisconsin-Madison, 2013
Areas of Expertise: Russian and Soviet intellectual and cultural history
Recent publications: Thorstensson, V. (2016) ‘The Inkwell of the Russian Messenger: Mikhail Katkov’s Editorial Politics and the Serialization of Fedor Dostoevskii’s Demons and Nikolai Leskov’s At Daggers Drawn (1870-1872)’ The Russian Review 75 (1): 26-50

Trochev, Alexei
PhD in Political Science, University of Toronto, 2005.
Areas of Expertise: Comparative Politics; Law and Society; Judicial Politics; International Law; Human Rights; the Russian Judicial System.
Recent publications: Trochev, A., (2014) ‘Soviet Legacies in Criminal Justice’ in Mark Beissinger and Steven Kotkin (eds.) Historical Legacies of Communism in Russia and Eastern Europe Cambridge: Cambridge University Press: 152-178; Trochev, A. & Ellet R., (2014). Judges and Their Allies: Rethinking Judicial Autonomy through the Prism of Off-Bench Resistance. Journal of Law and Courts 2(1):67-91; Trochev, A., (2014). Accountability and Discretion of the Russian Courts. Russian Analytical Digest 147:6-10.

Tsyrempilov, Nikolay
Candidate of Science in History, Oriental Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences, St Petersburg, 2001; Doctor of Science in History, Buryat State University, 2015
Areas of Expertise: Inner Asian Buddhism; History of Tibet, Mongolia and Eastern Siberia.
Recent Publications: Tsyrempilov, Nikolay (2015) ‘Noble Paganism. Orientalist Discourse on Tibetan Buddhism in Nineteenth-Century Russian Polemic Literature’ Inner Asia 17: 199-224

Willardson, Spencer
PhD in Political Science, University of Iowa, 2013
Areas of Expertise: Security Issues and Foreign Policy decision making in post-Soviet Eurasia.
Recent publications: Willardson, S., Solt, F., Kim, D., Lee, K.Y. & Kim, S., (2014). ‘Neoliberal Reform and Protest in Latin American Democracies: A Replication and Correction’. Research and Politics: 1-13.

Wojnowski, Zbigniew
PhD in History, School of Slavonic and East European Studies, University College London, 2011
Areas of Expertise: Late Soviet Culture and Politics; Modern Ukraine; Post-Stalinist Kazakhstan
Recent Publications: Wojnowski, Z. (2016) The Near Abroad: Socialist Ukraine and the Soviet Empire in Eastern Europe, 1956-85 (2016, forthcoming with the University of Toronto Press); Wojnowski, Z. (2015) ‘The Soviet People: National and Supranational Identities in the USSR after 1945’, Nationalities Papers 43(1): 82-101 ‘An Unlikely Bulwark of Sovietness: Cross-Border Travel and the Soviet People in Western Ukraine, 1950s-1980s’, Nationalities Papers 43:1 (January 2015); Wojnowski, Z. (2012) ‘Staging Patriotism: Popular Responses to Solidarność in Soviet Ukraine, 1980-81’, Slavic Review 71 (4): 824-848

Yakup, Mahire
PhD in Linguistics, University of Kansas, 2013
Areas of Expertise: Uighur and Chinese language, linguistics and culture.
Recent publications: Yakup, M., Abliz, W., Sereno, J. & Perea, M., (2014) ‘How is letter position coding attained in scripts with position-dependent allography?’ Psychonomic Bulletin and Review 21: 1600-1606.